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How much Botox do I need?

February 5, 2018



I would say this is one of the most common questions I get from people interested in Botox or Dysport injections so I thought I would jump on here a post a little information that can hopefully educate everyone a little more!


1. What is a unit?

- We measure Botox and Dysport by the unit. What is a unit? a teaspoon? a mL? NOPE! A unit is not a measurement of size necessarily. It is a measurement given to us by the companies themselves to dose the medication for you. Just like insulin. So it is not an amount of liquid we inject. And a Botox Unit DOES NOT EQUAL a Dysport Unit. 


2. Well how much do I need?

- Each area we treat on the face requires a different amount of units. Here is a list of the typical areas I treat and about how many units it requires to reach optimal correction. Meaning you can do a little less and you can always do a little more. Also, everyones faces are SO DIFFERENT. You may need more or less than the next person so I highly recommend you do not compare how many units you get to your friend or come to your appointment with a number in mind, that way you can work out with your injector the best treatment for YOU!!!




Botox: 8-15 Units

Dysport 16-30 Units








AREA #2 GLABELLA (elevens)




Botox: 15-25 Units


Dysport: 30-50 Units















Botox: 15-30 Units (for both eyes)


Dysport: 30-60 Units (for both eyes)










AREA #4 NASALIS (Bunny Lines) : Botox 5-10 Units Dysport 10-20 Units


AREA #5 BROW LIFT : Botox 5-10 Units Dysport 10-20 Units


AREA #6 LIP POP/LIP FLIP : Botox 5 Units Dysport 10 Units


AREA #7 MASSETER MUSCLE (jaw) : Botox 10 Units on each side. Dysport 20 Units on each side. 


I hope this helped give you an idea as to how many units YOU will need. Please comment below any other questions!





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